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High-efficiency and energy-saving rotary drum drier
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product: view count: 73High-efficiency and energy-saving rotary drum drier 
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NTH-type high efficiency energy-saving rotary drum drier , based on traditional dryers, have gone through continuously improvement and development. The drying-machine with reasonable structure and stable performance is economic, reliable, adaptable and energy-efficient.

Implementing the People's Republic of China Building Material Industry Standard JC335-96, the machine has the following main features:

Efficient combined material lifting device: Based on material changes in physical properties during the drying process, the device adopts a variety of structural combination of lifting plate. It is arranged according to different temperature sections to turn the material into a uniform material curtain in the cylinder to reach fully heat exchange with the hot flue gases. Its evaporation capacity in unit volume is 50-70kg/Nm3, 40-110% higher than common drying machine. (The drying machine saves one-fourth calorific value per kilogram water compared to conventional dryers); Using special designs and methods, the material drying process solves the problem of drying high viscosity material hardly and have a great effect.


Servo type self-aligning idler wheel device: Normally, supporting wheel and roller is point-contacting while the Servo type self-aligning idler wheel device makes supporting wheel and roller line-contacting all the time. Run-out tolerance caused by deformation of roll ring installation and cylinder body difference in temperature does not affect the contact quality. Roll ring, supporting wheel and driving gear relatively suffer from less wear and power loss, which increases stability of cylinder operation.

Zero horizontal thrust drive: The drive reduces the positive pressure of supporting wheel and the load on it through reduction of its bearing angle. The optimal position of the drive gears makes horizontal thrust zero to reduce the drive power by more than 28% when driving cylinder is rotating. Meanwhile the size of the supporting wheel base significantly reduces and the cylinder operates stably and reliably.

model air inlet temperature in shell(centi degree) water content in drier shell inclination(%) shell rotation(r/min) motor model motor power(kw) reducer model reducer speed ratio output(t/h)
 HG1210  700  1  5  3.85  Y106M6  7.5  JZQ500  31.5  2.5
 HG1212  700  1  5  3.85  Y106M6  11  JZQ500  31.5  2.8
  HG1512  700  1  5  5  Y200L1-6  18.5  JZQ650-II-2  31.5  3.3-5
  HG1515  700  1  5  5  Y200L-6  22  JZQ650-II-2  31.5  4-6
  HG1518  700  1  5  2.24  Y180L-6  15  JZQ650  15.75  4-7
  HG1820  700  1  5  3.59  Y200L1-6  18.5  JZQ750  48.57  4-7
  HG2018  700  1  5  3.98  Y200L2-6  22  JZQ750  31.5  6-10
  HG2212  700  1  5  4.59  Y200L2-6  22  JZQ750-IV-1  23.34  7-12
  HG2214  700  1  5  4.59  Y200L2-6  22  JZQ750-IV-1  23.34  12
  HG2216  700  1  5  4.72  Y255M-6  30  ZL85-13  27.16  10-13
  HG2418  700  1  4  3.2  Y25M-6  30  JZQ850-II-1  31.5  10-14
  HG3020  700  1  4  1.7-3.24  Y250M-4  55  ZL100-16  41.52  25
  HG3125  700  1  3.5  1.35-4  YR280M-4  75  ZL100-16  41.52  32-36
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